Our next performance holds a couple of surprises. The first surprise, and I hope this works out for most of you, is that this concert is on a Thursday night. This was the only night the band could fit us into their travel itinerary. Secondly, this is the only group we’ve featured doing beautiful three part harmony other than Smithfield Fair.

The group is called Brother Sun, based in Chicago, New York and Boston. They are songwriters but their focus is as much on the vocal arrangements as on the songwriting. According to their website:  The trio's harmonies, as much as their lyrics, tell what they are about: warm as a campfire, stirring as a gospel church, rousing as a call to arms. Fusing folk, Americana, blues, pop, jazz, rock, and a cappella singing, Brother Sun is an explosion of musical diversity and harmony, in the finest of male singing traditions.

Brother Sun's self-titled debut CD announced to the world that these respected singer-songwriters had banded together to produce some of the most powerful male harmonies on the acoustic music scene. After two years of nationwide touring and performances marked by outstanding songwriting, ethereal harmonies, off-the-cuff humor, and standing ovations, they have released Some Part of the Truth, a CD that goes a large step further in revealing Brother Sun not only as singers, but as complete musicians.

Brother Sun’s self-titled first release (2011), debuted at #2 on the Folk DJ Chart, and was named the #8 album of 2011 on FOLK-DJ. In addition, Brother Sun made the "Best of 2011" and “Best of 2012” lists for over a dozen radio stations in the US, including WUMB- Boston, WFUV - NYC, and WFMT –

Learn more at their website:

Here is a Youtube video of their song Every Little Day:

Here is a Youtube video of their song Lady of the Harbor:

And here is The House that Jack Built:

Look for additional video of Brother Sun on our Facebook page.

The concert is Thursday, February 12th at 7 P.M. Suggested donation is $20 per person.

Let us know if you’d like to reserve seats for yourself and your family and friends for this truly entertaining musical evening.


Robert and Dianne Calmes

Folk, Roots, World and Acoustic
Music in Baton Rouge
and South Central Louisiana


Welcome Back To The Hootenanny Power Pages, Folk and Roots Music Playlist, and Coming Events in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  The Hootenanny Power radio show, since 1981 on WRKF  Public Radio Baton Rouge.  The live audio stream may be heard via computer, Saturday nights, 9 pm to midnight central time, at, or on the airwaves at 89.3

Hootenanny Power Live Streaming Only!  Broadcast regulations and licensing make podcasting or archiving rights for music programs murky murky murky.  Unless and until these matters are cleared up, Hootenanny Power will be live streaming only, 9 pm to midnight central time, Saturday nights


Registration and Showcase Applications are now OPEN at

Please read the Presidents Corner blog for quick details on changes for

And stay tuned for announcements on programming and special happenings!

South East Regional Folk Alliance
May 13-17, 2015
Montreat Conference Center
Montreat, NC



The third Thursday of every month

Chelsea's under the Perkins Road Overpass 2857 Perkins Road Baton Rouge 387-3679

Signup 7 pm, First act 7:30 pm



News from the Red Dragon: contact

Red Dragon TheWebsite:

Our next show is on Fri, Feb 6 when we host BETTYSOO. Great songs, beautiful voice......this will be her first trip to Baton Rouge (I think!). Seat donation is $20 ($30 for VIP couch seats). GANEY ARSEMENT will open. Drop me a note if you can make it!!

Then Thursday Feb 12th, two of the funniest people on earth, Christine Lavin and Don White!

Terri & Lloyd!!!
There has been a TERRI HENRIX & LLOYD MAINES sighting! Well, not actually a sighting.....more like a phone call. The date is not set yet, but a show will be coming! Stay tuned.

In order to make it happen, we took two dates in April for the great DAVID LINDLEY. I am so excited on this one......I don't want anyone to miss it. I sent out an entire email about it.

Late in April our good friend Kay Solar will be presenting a songwriter's festival on Third Street. We have been honored with hosting the show that kicks off the festival. If you saw our show with C.J. SOLAR & BRENT ANDERSON a couple of months ago you already know they are two incredible young songwriters who put on a stellar show. They will be hosting more of their Nashville buddies who have returned to their Louisiana roots for this festival. Let's support Kay and her efforts. It will surely be a good time!

Note that our SHINY RIBS show will just be for one night. Their agent is arranging their tour and we are flexible. My schedule led many of y'all to think we had them for three straight nights. I'll let you know when they pick which one works best.
Palooza for 2015

Each year the Red Dragon depends on our one major fundraiser. Five years ago we started our Palooza concerts. We've done ROOFAPALOOZA, FENCAPALOOZA and DECAPALOOZA. This year will be ELECTRICPALOOZA and will concentrate on lighting our parking lot, updating our power needs and improving our sound equipment. We will also be making green room improvements for the artists. And last, but not least, we will be covering the fixed costs that are so crucial. Water, electric, alarm monitoring and taxes add up over the course of the year. This year's Palooza will take place on Feb 20 and 21 and will feature an all-star roster of Louisiana songwriters. I am currently getting a list together and will share it as it takes shape. We also hope to do a KICKSTARTER program to fund the larger projects, but need someone with some experience to spearhead it (anyone?).

For those who may not know, we are now a 501 (c) 3 Federal non-profit corporation. LOUISIANA AMERICANA AND FOLK SOCIETY (DBA RED DRAGON LISTENING ROOM). Donations are tax deductible and you still have a week to get 'em onto your 2014 return! If you want to help our, checks can be sent to:
Louisiana American and Folk Society
8631 Rainwood Ave
Baton Rouge, LA  70810

2015 at the Manship

Our "for profit" series at the Manship Theatre has been renewed for a second season! This is the series that hosts some larger acts and (hopefully) provides the Maxwell family with an income. Our first year was a bit thin on profits, as I made a few errors along the way. This year we hope to correct that! We've already announced the first two shows (BILLY JOE SHAVER and HAYES CARLL) and have a bunch more to announce in the coming months. These shows are expensive to get and to put they are a bit pricey. Sorry....can't be helped. But the shows are beyond "worth it". Hope you will visit and purchase some tickets. 'nuff said!!

One Last "thanks"......
I will bring this incredibly long email to an end by saying "thanks" just a bit more. Thanks for supporting the Dragon, thanks for supporting the musicians. And most of all, thanks for supporting me and my family in this musical obsession of ours. Hope to see you many times in the new year. Take care.
Binky's Dad, chris m


Great news,  We have a new "home." 
Jessica, the owner and manager of  "Caliente"   Mexican restaurant has invited us to hold the Sunday Jam at her restaurant at 1270 W. Lee Drive.  That is the segment of W. Lee Dr. which lies between Burbank (La. 42) and Nicholson Drive (La. 30),  It is situated on the north side of W. Lee Dr. across from Mike Anderson's restaurant.  There is also an outdoor eating area with a stage for use in nice weather.  (No ducks, turtles or fish except on the menu.)
The venue is available immediately, so we can hold a jam on super bowl Sunday (Feb. 1st),  if there is any interest.   We will host Gina Forsyth at the Jam on Sunday Feb. 15th.
All who wish to attend a Jam on Sunday Feb. 1st, please, raise your hand; and send us an email.  If there is sufficient interest to hold the Jam on Sunday the 1st, we will confirm by follow-up email.
Coming soon:  "La. Saturday Nite Fish-fry" with stage show (and jam? TBD) at Summa Theater, Satsuma exit on I-12, Sat. Feb 7 - 5 pm
Coming soon:  "Gibson Bros." at Manship Theatre - Feb. 28.
April:   At the Angie Bluegrass Park Spring show on April 16-18,  Trustin Baker - National Youth Fiddle Champion - (16 years old) will be there to perform and jam.
Also, "Liepers Fork" will be at Leakesville, Miss., in April, and Tylertown, Miss., in May.   Their Fiddler is  Zeke Dawson who played 9 years for Loretta Lynne.  Check the
for major bluegrass events in 2015 within easy driving range.

Gina Forsyth is available for Jams on Superbowl Sunday (Feb. 1) and on Mardi Gras Sunday (Feb 15), if we can find a suitable place to host jam sessions on those dates.  We welcome all suggestions and ideas. .
Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600; Text 225.252.2708
Home of BlueGrass on the Bayou
Louisiana Bluegrass & Olde Tyme Music
Sun - bluegrass jam at  "BOUTIN'S" (Bluebonnet in Baton Rouge) 3 - 6 pm
HARRIS Law Firm - main financial supporter, preparing estate plans and last will and trust documents for the serious bluegrass fan concerned about his family and estate, and the perpetual care of his banjos, mandolins, violins and Martin guitars. Proceeds go to concerts and jams.

Gerard Furniture in BR - generous financial supporter, contributing to bringing in guest performers for Jams.  Show support by visiting the store and mentioning "bluegrass."

Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600



Baton Rouge has been very good to me in 2014, and now into 2015. Thank all of you who either came to my shows, or came to jam. The new year is now upon us, and there are a whole bunch of new dates on the website. And I've started work on a couple of new CDs, both of which feature my fiddle work. One is a Cajun record; the other is a CD of fiddle tunes and country songs.
Over the years, many of you have asked for a CD featuring my fiddle work. Earlier this month, I started working on it. Now, once more, I'm working on a campaign to put the funds together to help make it happen.  You can be part of the creation.
With major help from Louie Ludwig, there is now a video talking all about it. There are a bunch of cool perks, from song downloads to CDs to pie recipes. If none of that makes you want to sign onto Indiegogo, then please share the word. There's still another few weeks to go before the campaign ends; the goal is to have this CD (and any others) funded by Mardi Gras.
This time, I'm doing this funding campaign through my friends at Indiegogo. At Indiegogo, you can help support the making of this project through either a credit card or PayPal. All you'll need to do is sign up with Indiegogo, and then copy the link. Here it is:
And now, the shows--
Hope your Mardi Gras season is going well, so far--
I sure had a great time playing the Neutral Ground last Saturday after my friend from Sunset, Louisiana, Mr. Jim Pharis, and before Lo Faber. Lots of real fine guitar picking the whole evening. And Tipitina's with David Doucet and Roddie Romero, and Michael and Cameron Dupuy was great fun. And what an honor to be on the stage with these guys. Thanks everyone who came to see us!
I will be back at the Neutral Ground next Saturday, Feb. 7 at 8 pm, And at Rock'n'Bowl with Bruce Daigrepont Feb. 8 and 22.
And this Saturday--the "tentative" show I had at the Farmers Market in Covington--is definite. It opens at 8 am. I start at 9. Dress warmly.   


Sat. 31    Covington Farmers Market (tentative) 9 am
                Near Covington City Hall on Columbia Street 
Thurs. 12    Red Dragon Listening Room--opening for Christine Lavin and Don White
 Thanks, Gina Forsyth



Lagniappe Dulcimer Festival, West Baton Rouge Parish Museum and Community Center in Port Allen, Louisiana from March 12-15, 2015.

Thanks,  Gina Forsyth is to be one of our instructors. 


Willie "Popsy" Dixon, drummer and vocalist of the critically acclaimed soul/blues band The Holmes Brothers, died in Richmond, Virginia on Friday, January 9. He had recently been diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer. He was 72 years old.

Dixon, born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 26, 1942, was celebrated for his soaring, soulful multi-octave vocals and his driving, in-the-pocket drumming. He first met brothers Sherman and Wendell Holmes at a New York gig in 1967. Dixon sat in with the brothers and sang two songs. "After that second song," recalls Wendell, "Popsy was a brother." They played in a variety of Top 40 bar bands until 1979, when the three officially joined forces and formed The Holmes Brothers, which The New York Times described as "deeply soulful, uplifting and timeless." They toured the world, releasing 12 albums starting with 1990's In The Spirit on Rounder. Their most recent release is 2014's Brotherhood on Alligator.

Dixon first played the drums when he was seven. He told Blues On Stage, "My mom and dad took me to the store and told me to get anything I liked. There was this tiny red drum set, with a tiny little kick drum and snare...little cymbals. Now, that's what I wanted! By the next morning, the thing was in the trash can. I beat it all to death. But, I tell you what...I knew how to play after that. I just knew. I had the rhythm down pat and had timing too. Just that fast. I been playing ever since."

The Chicago Tribune described Dixon's voice as "otherworldly...a gift to the world of music." Living Blues said, "Popsy’s voice is a wonder...spontaneous and raw."

In September 2014, The Holmes Brothers were honored with a National Endowment For The Arts National Heritage Fellowship, the highest honor the United States bestows upon its folk and traditional artists.


. is completely reconfigured and operational!

As 2014 closed, I was surprised on New Years Eve with a note from a friend, Singer Songwriter, Patrick Cooper in New Orleans congratulating me on a nice review in the latest issue of Offbeat Magazine! Imagine my surprise!

Laura DeFazio writes, "Gramercy-born singer/songwriter Patrick Sylvest remains firmly rooted to his beloved home state on his third effort, Lonesome Troubadour.

With an acoustic style that blends classic Americana/roots genres and showcases his impressive finger-picking abilities, he extols Louisiana’s summertime pleasantries (“ice cold beers and warm sunshine”), takes a rollicking joyride through its dance-happy cities (think Tom Rush doing a hokier regional version of “On the Road Again”), and bemoans that “windbag houseguest that just won’t leave” about Hurricane Isaac. The arc of the album begins with the sunny optimism of “Learn to Fly” only to fall to the depths of the grim resignation as “I’ll give you all my heart and soul, ‘til I can’t write another note” wearily concludes the final cut.

The strongest tracks are the ones that incorporate diverse stylistic influences and instrumentation: the propulsive rhythm guitar and piano flourishes of the rockin’ “Louisiana Traveling Jones,” the gospel-style choruses and snappy staccato chords in “Ode to Rans McGaskey” and the spirited trad-jazz number “Have I Told You?,” which features a clarinet and sounds like you’d hear on a night at Fritzel’s.

Sylvest at times conveys a whisper of Gordon Lightfoot at his most wistful, and, given his knack for merging genres, it would be interesting to see what he would do with a tenser, rock-leaning rhythm section."

Thanks so much to Laura DeFazio and Offbeat Magazine for this kind and generous review!

I'm pleased that 2015 has me returning to perform at Flanagan's Creative Food and Drink , 1111 Audubon Avenue in Thibodaux, LA for Sunday Brunches on January 18th, March 22nd and April 19th from 11am until 2pm. I'd love to see you there!

From February 18th until the 22nd, I'll be attending my first International Folk Alliance Conference . This is an awesome opportunity to network and share music with many professionals in the Folk music business (my favorite genre) from all over the world. I have a couple performance showcases booked and look forward to having several more arranged as the date approaches!

Check out my new CD, 'Lonesome Troubadour', co-produced with Randy Walsh at Stray Records Studio in Bayou Goula, LA. Available from iTunes , and on CD and mp3 from CD Baby and at Hofman Music in Thibodaux, LA.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy 2015 and I'll be looking forward to seeing y'all around!

Patrick Sylvest


WXPN Radio posted the stream (and free download) of a new tribute
song tolegendary folk dj Gene Shay (who retires on Sunday) performed by 25 Philly based
artists.  You can read and hear (and download) the song here:



100 years...100 songs.  The widely respected folklorist, musicologist, writer, and producer  Alan Lomax spent over six decades recording thousands of hours of performances by musicians across the globe, on a mission to preserve and promote traditional culture. On January 31st, the Association for Cultural Equity celebrates Lomax's 100th birthday on PledgeMusic with a centennial tribute: a 100 song 6-LP set AND a series of fan-curated 7" singles, giving fans the unique opportunity to be involved in the music production process on the direct-to-fan platform.

Not only will those who pre-order through PledgeMusic get behind-the-scenes access to the production of the box set, they will get the opportunity to vote on which songs are included in the 7" series. Fans will also get access to rare exclusives including a 78-rpm record from Lomax's own collection, a copy of the Grammy-winning set of Lomax's 1938 Library of Congress recordings with Jelly Roll Morton, and the exclusive Alan Lomax Centennial T-shirt. For more information, head to the Alan Lomax PledgeMusic page here

"It's no easy feat to select 100 songs from a collection as vast and as deep as that compiled by Alan Lomax in his lifetime, but it wouldn't be such a collection if Alan had been satisfied by easy feats! We're thrilled to be collaborating with PledgeMusic on our effort to pay ample tribute to Lomax's legacy in his centennial year," said Nathan Salsburg from The Association of Cultural Equity.

All funds raised after production costs will go to the Association for Cultural Equity, the non-profit research and advocacy center founded by Lomax in 1983. ACE continues to preserve and promote Lomax's life's work and actively seeks local partners to repatriate his collections to the communities in which they were created.


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 159806 airplays from 184 different DJs

1. Pete Seeger
2. Bob Dylan
3. John McCutcheon
4. John Gorka
5. Red Molly
6. Eliza Gilkyson
7. Tim Grimm
8. The Stray Birds
9. Joe Crookston
10. Cahalen Morrison And Eli West
11. Jesse Winchester
12. Johnny Cash
13. Laurie Lewis
14. Chris Smither
15. Carrie Newcomer
16. Seldom Scene
17. Rosanne Cash
18. Dave Van Ronk
18. Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallick
20. Peter, Paul And Mary
21. The Duhks
22. Johnsmith
23. The Henry Girls
24. Greg Brown
25. Cosy Sheridan
26. John Prine
26. Tom Paxton
28. Nanci Griffith
28. Runa
30. Mary Gauthier
31. Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
32. Robin And Linda Williams
33. Mark Erelli
34. Emmylou Harris
35. Old Crow Medicine Show
36. Judy Collins
37. Anne Hills
37. Ellis Paul
39. Si Kahn
40. Mary Chapin Carpenter
41. Lucinda Williams
42. Red June
43. Brother Sun
44. Carlene Carter
45. Phil Ochs
46. Jack Williams
46. Nickel Creek
48. Arlo Guthrie
49. Cheryl Wheeler
50. Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn
51. Richard Thompson
51. Rodney Crowell
53. Gathering Time
54. Guy Clark
55. John Flynn
55. Krista Detor
57. Gillian Welch
58. Claudia Schmidt
58. Joni Mitchell
58. Willie Nelson
61. Peggy Seeger
62. Bill Monroe
63. Steve Earle
64. T Sisters
65. Kim And Reggie Harris
66. Carrie Elkin And Danny Schmidt
66. Christine Lavin
66. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
69. Stan Rogers
70. Bruce Springsteen
70. The Steel Wheels
72. Jackson Browne
72. Tim O'Brien
74. Molasses Creek
74. Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers
76. Catie Curtis
77. Blue Highway
77. Brooks Williams
79. Craig Bickhardt
79. Doc Watson
81. Alison Krauss
82. Kathy Kallick
83. Rod MacDonald
84. Peter Mulvey
85. Dar Williams
85. Hot Rize
87. The Early Mays
88. The Waymores
89. Ernest Troost
89. Tim O'Brien And Darrell Scott
91. Loudon Wainwright III
91. Sarah Jarosz
93. David Francey
93. Townes Van Zandt
95. Richard Shindell
95. Vance Gilbert
95. Woody Guthrie
98. Jim Photoglo
99. Joel Mabus
99. Jonathan Byrd
101. Joan Baez


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 13192 airplays from 142 different DJs

1. Peter, Paul And Mary
2. John McCutcheon
3. Christine Lavin
4. Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn
5. The Early Mays
6. Laurie Lewis And Kathy Kallick
7. Mary Chapin Carpenter
8. Pete Seeger
9. Joe Crookston
9. Joel Mabus
9. The Stray Birds
12. Thompson Family
13. Bob Dylan
13. Phil Ochs
13. The Sweet Lowdown
16. Anne Hills
16. Herdman, Hills And Mangsen
18. Mark Erelli
18. Robyn Landis
20. Bruce Cockburn
20. Eliza Gilkyson
20. Jesse Winchester
23. Ellis Paul
24. Robin And Linda Williams
25. Debi Smith
25. Peter Mayer
27. Darryl Purpose
28. Carrie Newcomer
28. Johnsmith
30. Chris Smither
31. Bobtown
31. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer
31. David Hawkins
31. Magpie
31. Red Molly
36. Andina And Rich
36. Judy Collins
36. Lee Murdock
36. Nell Robinson
40. Louise Mosrie
40. Mary Gauthier
40. Nowell Sing We Clear
40. Shelley Posen
40. Steven Gellman


Louisiana Folklife Program Call for Presentations Louisiana Folklore Society

2015 Annual Meeting Friday, March 20, 2015- Saturday, March 21, 2015
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Natchitoches, Louisiana

The Louisiana Folklore Society invites proposals for papers and other types of presentations for its 2015 annual meeting. We welcome presentations on any aspect of Louisiana folklore, folklife, and traditional arts, as well as on folklore theory and practice. The Society is interested in hearing diverse voices; therefore, we encourage presentations on any subject by scholars, tradition bearers, folk artists, musicians, students, community leaders, community scholars, and others interested in local Louisiana cultures throughout the state and elsewhere. Typically, presentations last 15 minutes. The conference begins with a keynote address, free and open to the general public, on Friday evening, March 20th. Paper sessions and film will take place throughout the day on Saturday, March 21.

Abstract Submission: Please submit 250-word abstract (proposal/presentation description) by February 13, 2015, via email to Please note equipment needs.

For more information on the Louisiana Folklore Society, to become as member or renew membership, please see




The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz

Friday, November 14th, 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM
Festival at the Barn, The Music Barn in Polkville, MS
Thursday, March 12, 7:00 PM
Lagniappe Dulcimer Festival
Port Allen, LA
Saturday, March 21, 7:00 PM
Calmes House Concert Series
Central, LA 

Highlights of Graham Nash at Folk Alliance in Kansas City 2014


LSU Press Publishes First Biography of Huey “Piano” Smith

“I credit Huey with opening the door for funk, basically as we know it, in some ridiculously hip way, and putting it in the mainstream of the world’s music.” –Dr. John, 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

Baton Rouge— Huey “Piano” Smith’s musical legacy stands alongside fellow New Orleans legends like Dr. John, Fats Domino, Ernie K-Doe, and Allen Toussaint. His 1957 classic, “Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu,” made Billboard’s top R&B singles chart, and hundreds of artists have recorded his songs, including Aerosmith, the Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, Johnny Rivers, and Chubby Checker.

The first biography of the artist responsible for hits “Don’t You Just Know It,” “High Blood Pressure,” and “Sea Cruise,” Huey “Piano” Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues follows the musician from his Depression-era childhood to his years as a pianist for blues star Guitar Slim to his mainstream success in the 1950s and ’60s. Drawing from extensive interviews and court records, author and journalist John Wirt also provides new insights on Smith’s professional disappointments and financial struggles of the 1980s and ’90s as he battled for legal ownership of his most successful and profitable work.

An enigmatic and guarded personality in a profession of extroverted performers, Smith made far-reaching contributions to the New Orleans music scene as a songwriter, pianist, and producer. Wirt reveals that Smith’s numerous collaborative ventures—including the Clowns, the Pitter Pats, the Hueys and Shin-Dig Smith, and the Soul Shakers—were vehicles for his creative vision rather than anonymous backup for a leading front man.

Throughout this intimate account, Wirt details Smith’s significant impact on rock and roll history and underscores both the longevity of his music—which has entertained and inspired for over five decades—and the musician’s personal endurance in the face of hardship and opposition.

John Wirt has covered music, film, and entertainment for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Daytona Beach News-Journal, and The Advocate’s Baton Rouge and New Orleans editions.

March 2014 / 312 pages, 6 x 9, 9 halftones
Paper $25.95, ebook available
LSU Press Paperback Original



By Alison Fensterstock, | The Times-Picayune


The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz:

Okey dokey artichokies, The Boyz have a few up coming events for you to peruse and hopefully attend.  And yet, even bigger news.  Van Glynn, fiddler and mandolinist extraordinaire, has shown a complete lack of good judgement and common sense and has joined The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz as a full partner in this mayhem.  His family and friends are aghast at this lack of discretion on his part but we are delighted. We hope he doesn't have second thoughts when the drugs wear off.  He's already catching flack from little old ladies at his church . . . "You're playing with who . . . ?  Well I never . . . How do you pronounce that?  What does that mean?" 

And for all of ya'll interested in our videos, here is a link to a site where you can see some of Randy Walsh's other work.  Click on the "Stray Films Montage".  We're in very rarefied company.

See ya'll soon.

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz "Not 'Yer Daddy's Bluegrass . . ."



Clarence Recommends: Every Friday  - Coobie Joe cajun band every Friday at Boutin's Cajun restaurant 7pm-10pm at 8322 Bluebonnet Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70810 (225) 819-9862

Cajun Fiddle Lessons by Ann Vidrine: Clarence's friend Ann Vidrine gives cajun fiddle lessons. If you are interested in playing the cajun fiddle, she would be a good person to learn from. For lessons, call 225-343-7398 or email: annvidrine [type the at sign]

Baton Rouge's Cajun and Zydeco Radio Shows:

* Sat 5am-7am WTGE 100.7 FM Roland Doucet's Cajun Radio show

* Sat 7pm-9pm WBRH 90.3 FM Clarence's Cajun Saturday Night

* Sun 5pm-7pm WHYR 96.9 FM Ann Vidrine's Cajun Experience Radio Show

* Sun 7pm-9pm KLSU 91.1FM The Front Porch Fais Do-Do Cajun/Zydeco show with LSU student DJ Couillon. It broadcasts on the web at Request line: (225) 578-5578 



Les Kerr has a new blog about the musical connection between Nashville and New Orleans. From Louis Armstrong’s collaboration with Jimmie Rodgers to Del McCoury playing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the connection continues at:



San Francisco's Tompkins Square Label Releases 'Live At Caffè Lena: Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013'. 3-CD Box Set Available Worldwide September 24, 2013

Unreleased performances by Dave Van Ronk, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Kate McGarrigle, Rick Danko, Anais Mitchell, Sleepy John Estes, Arlo Guthrie, Sarah Lee Guthrie, and more.

Nestled in the quaint upstate town of Saratoga Springs, New York is Caffè Lena, the oldest continuously operating folk music coffeehouse in the US. Opened by Lena Spencer in 1960, this tiny room has played host to influential artists across diverse genres of music; traditional folk, blues, singer-songwriters, jazz and bluegrass. Luckily, many performances were caught on tape through the years, offering the listener a thrilling seat inside this hallowed venue. ‘Live At Caffè Lena’, a 3-CD box set, the result of years of investigative research, contains 47 tracks, all released for the very first time, alongside previously unpublished photographs. Images include selections from the archive of esteemed photographer Joe Alper, who captured many iconic, intimate portraits from the folk era of the 1960s.

'Live At Caffè Lena' documents an important folk universe that was and is still happening in upstate New York, a story heretofore largely untold. The release of this collection comes at an auspicious time in light of renewed interest in the New York folk scene of the 60s as depicted in the forthcoming Coen Brothers film, 'Inside Llewyn Davis.' The film is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk's 2005 memoir 'The Mayor of Macdougal Street.' Van Ronk, a Caffè Lena regular, served as a mentor to many artists, some who would go on to eclipse his fame. His 1974 recording of "Gaslight Rag" featured on the box set references the Gaslight Café, a famed Greenwich Village venue that along with Caffè Lena was a catalyst for the folk music revival.

Caffè Lena embodied the spirit of the folk boom, the era and its artistry, building a reputation as a hotbed of creativity and connection. It was also a safe haven and nurturing space for artists, its atmosphere cultivated personally by Lena Spencer herself. She would graciously house wayward artists, sometimes for months at a time. But she was not merely a host. She championed artists, from Bob Dylan as early as 1961 all the way through the 80s until her passing. Her passion for identifying and promoting talent is evident throughout this 3-CD set. That Caffè Lena is still open for business tonight is a testament to her legacy.


"Though it's impossible to pinpoint a particular moment when immigrants began inventing American music, a dramatic turning point surely occurred in 1804, the year a young nation made the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson sought to buy from the French just the city of New Orleans, because of its crucial value as a port. But a cash-strapped Napoleon sold the entire, still-uncharted Louisiana Territory for $15 million — roughly 4 cents an acre.  In a single stroke, America became a thrilling, noisy eruption of sound.",0,6735268.column


Pats Sylvest, "Highway 90" from Randy Rome Walsh on Vimeo.

Patrick Sylvest dot com!


James Linden Hogg is the WWI Museum national History Day finalist and reigning state champion in the performance category.  




Yoo hoo . . . its us again . . .

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz "Not 'Yer Daddy's Bluegrass . . ."







Hi there,

I host a local BG / folk/gospel radio show that airs on several country stations on Sunday morning. If you have a recent recording that would reflect this format, please send along.  I would be glad to air.  Please let me know what song that you are trying to push.

I do this only as a labor of love for this kind of music and to promote local artist.

Thanks and tell your Mamma you love her.




Patrick Sylvest, "Collard Greens" from Randy Rome Walsh on Vimeo.

Patrick Sylvest dot com! Purchase CD's Here!


Les Kerr, Old Lighthouse


Robert Calmes/Drifthouse - Kennesaw Line


Here's a great article on Clay Parker.

Patrick Sylvest



Trouvère: Carl Kleinpeter ~ Lawrence King ~ Gary Ragan



My name is Rebecca Sharky. I am the GM of Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA.   I'd like for Cafe Des Amis to be considered as an alternative non-smoking venue to your folk friends. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Thank you!

Cafe Des Amis <


"I have been affected by secondhand smoke.  I remember one night I was playing in a club and I went to hit a high note and I almost blacked out on stage.  I had to hold the microphone to keep from falling down. There was so much smoke in the place that it had a negative impact on my singing."
--Deacon John

Music selections from  audio collections at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's  Southern Folklife Collection are now being streamed online. Visitors can  tune in to channels that feature music in five genres: old-time music;  country and bluegrass; folk revival; rhythm, blues, and boogie; and the  eclectic “SFC Mix.” The purpose of our radio stream is to make our holdings  available for educational use.

To listen  visit:






When the song of the angel is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins:
   To find the lost,
   To heal the broken,
   To feed the hungry,
   To release the prisoner,
   To rebuild the nations,
   To bring peace among brothers,
   To make music in the heart.



This website is updated Saturdays, before the Hootenanny Power radio show at 9 pm on WRKF.  Please don't wait until Monday or Tuesday after the radio show to send me info on a performance that coming Friday.  It definitely won't make the show, and probably won't make the website.  tlcaffery at yahoo dot com



Clarence's Cajun/Zydeco show is on WBRH, 90.3 fm, Saturdays 7-8 pm, and area Cajun and Zydeco radio info are always found at , Cajun music jams at, and don't forget the  Baton Rouge Blues Society and all its events and listings, at


Click here for the playlist from the most recent Hootenanny Power on WRKF
Click here for other recent playlists. (Sometimes, when the web host is down with overnight planned maintenance, this second link will have the latest playlist first!)

Latino music, art and cultural events are listed at, described as "A loose Spanglish acronym for 'La. T n.o.' - Lah-TEE-noh, the Louisiana (La.) and New Orleans (n.o.) connection."

For fun, traditional country music, check out the Old South Jamboree, Walker LA.  (I wish they had a website!)

For this week's Hootenanny Power show, thanks to  Caffery Gallery

Write me via e-mail if your upcoming folk music, blues, celtic, world, cajun, or similar event should be here. WRKF's signal covers much of South Central Louisiana, so I'd like to include as much info as I can about events listeners might want to know about throughout the state.
--Taylor Caffery, WRKF


Remember, The Neutral Ground Coffee House in New Orleans  is Louisiana's oldest regular folk venue.  There's ALWAYS somebody worth hearing on their schedule, year 'round (an assertion supported by NPR's interview with owner Philip Melancon on Saturday, Aug 2, 2003's Weekend Edition, with Philip playing Roy Rogers songs on accordion!)  If you'll be in the Nawlins area, be sure to check the Neutral Ground calendar at  (Since Katrina, the website has not shown a current schedule, but it has a guestbook for artists and customers to check in)



Rob Payer Rhythm Review WBRH 90.3 FM   Saturday / 7am-1pm
Tabby Thomas Tabby's Blues Box on WBRH 90.3 FM  Saturday / 1pm-2pm
Weekly Guest host Blues Buffet WBRH 90.3 FM Saturday / 2pm-3pm
Pat McBride, Louisiana Gumbo on WBRH 90.3  Saturday / 3pm-4pm
S.J. Montalbano, Roots of Rock & Roll on WBRH 90.3   Saturday / 4pm-7pm
Zia Tammami, Spontaneous Combustion & Cat's Corner  Sunday  KLSU 91.1  10am-2pm 
      WBRH 90.3  3pm-7pm
Noel Jackson, The Southern Soul Show on KBRH 1260 AM  / Sunday 11am-noon
Clarence Moritz Jr., Cajun and Zydeco Radio Show, KBRH 1260 AM / Sunday noon - 2 pm



People do express that sentiment to me oftimes, but the station schedule is guided by all sorts of important considerations, and I'm happy to continue to have the opportunity to bring this alternative music to our area and support the touring performers in whatever way possible. Now, my friend Rich Warren in Chicago on WFMT hosts a show called The Midnight Special, which has been around since the 1950s, when the host was Mike Nichols. Rich loves the late-night hours for folk music, but he knows some folks can't listen to the radio at that time (asleep? out partying?), so he has detailed instructions for taping his show, which can be done on a video recorder (vcr). Recognizing that his station's FM frequency is different, and you'd want to tune to 89.3, here's a link to Rich Warren's "manual" for taping a two-hour radio show on your VCR. Thanks, Rich.


Get an iPhone or Android phone.  Download the WRKF app.  When the show starts, hit pause on your app.  Play it later.

Thomas Mann Techno-Romantic jewelry at Caffery Gallery
Thomas Mann Design Techno-Romantic Jewelry, at Caffery Gallery, 4016 Government Street at Richland 388-9397
Your basic collector's item: The General Store Hootenanny Power t-shirt


Mary Ann Caffery will be exhibiting new photographs along with artists Amy James and Brian Kelly at Baton Rouge Gallery beginning August 4 and running through August 30.  The public is invited to a reception for the artists on Wednesday, August 7 from 7 to 9 pm at Baton Rouge Gallery.

Mary Ann Caffery's photographic series titled Vignettes:  Out of the Darkness….Into the Light, is a series of photographs taken around the LSU lakes.

In November I began observing the migrating birds arriving at the LSU lakes here in Baton Rouge, as I have for many years.  Some years I document what I see in photographs and short videos, some years I just watch them.  This year I also took photo trips to the Lafayette, Jefferson Island, and Avery Island area to see the rookeries, as well as going on an annual group photographic expedition to the south Louisiana coast to document areas that are disappearing.

This series of photographs Vignettes:  Out of the Darkness…Into the Light is based on what I observed here in Baton Rouge on mornings when I was on  walks around the LSU lakes as I had often done in the winter months, primarily to watch the pelicans in their strange feeding rituals.  I kept stumbling onto this subplot of egrets in what I observed to be a surreal setting in that it looked like an ancient, choreographed stage production in which the birds were the actors, entering stage left, exiting stage right.  They emerged from the fog and from the darkness, then disappeared back into nowhere, as choruses of birds chanted on the sides.  There was an element of mystery in what I saw.  The scenes were so unusual that they looked like paintings when I looked at the photographs I had taken.

My goal in this series is to convey an atmosphere in my photographs that is mysterious and veiled or that portrays time standing still.   Photographs portray a moment in time, and in this case they emphasize that heavy, veiled, mysterious atmosphere of an early morning.  Some of the photographs in this series are about coming out of the darkness, some are about emerging into the light.  These photographs were taken with my point and shoot camera rather than my more modern DSLR camera.  I am not sure I could have captured that feel of old black and white movies and photographs, which I think makes these photographs convey what I want to convey, with the newer camera.

I work in a variety of mediums, the common thread running through all of my work being light—whether it be my work in glass, mosaic, paint, or photography.  When I was a student at LSU I took photography classes, and I have steadily photographed over the years.  I initially took photographs to use as inspirations for my paintings and glass work, but in this instance photographs best portrayed the stage drama of the family Egretta and their ancient rituals.