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Welcome Back To The Hootenany Power Pages, Folk and Roots Music Playlist, and Coming Events in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  The Hootenanny Power radio show, since 1981 on WRKF  Public Radio Baton Rouge.  The live audio stream may be heard via computer, Saturday nights, 9 pm to midnight central time, at www.wrkf.org, or on the airwaves at 89.3

Hootenanny Power Live Streaming Only!  Broadcast regulations and licensing make podcasting or archiving rights for music programs murky murky murky.  Unless and until these matters are cleared up, Hootenanny Power will be live streaming only, 9 pm to midnight central time, Saturday nights http://www.wrkf.org


C. Daniel Boling playing Sat, 27 Aug 2016 in Baton Rouge area..

info on his website www.danielboling.com


HENRY GRAY, every Tuesday night 6 - 8 pm

Time Out Lounge (smokefree) on Bennington



Wed, 26 Oct 2016

BR River Center Theatre - Ticketmaster



News from the Red Dragon: contact cmaxwell@premier.net

Red Dragon TheWebsite: www.reddragonlr.com

Reservations  cmaxwell@premier.net


Flood cancellations ....

Our next show will be on Fri, Sept 9 when we host MARK STUART. You may know Mark from his earlier visits with his wife STACEY EARLE or from his time fronting THE BASTARD SONS OF JOHNNY CASH. Reg seats are $20, VIP seats are $30 and BEN BELL opens.


Current Status......

Our current status is "drying out". It is only about 1/3 of the building that took water......not even nearly as bad as virtually everybody else in town. Our problem is that our building was built in the 40's or 50's.....back when elevation and levels were, "yeah, that looks about right". When we get a big rain, neighbor's properties drain downhill against our Eastern wall. The building is made of old school cinder blocks which are porous and eventually allow water through. We've had this problem before, but never quite this bad. But then we've never had 30 inches of rain in a day and a half! After we clean things up and dry out, we will be pursuing a solution. We plan to pour an angled concrete curb against our wall. We will then cover the entire wall and curb with a rubberized coating......basically a paint that dries to a water resistant seal. We plan for three coats. And finally we will build an awning over the area where utilities come into the building. Pretty sure that despite attempts to seal this area, water is also entering there. The work will take about a week from start to finish. And while the truck is there, we will be pouring some nice wide concrete handicap ramps.


Donations to the effort....

First and foremost, THANKS to the folks who sent us $$ toward this project. Although I am extremely happy to have funds toward the project, I am also really torn. We have been working at houses that were horribly damaged and it just makes our damage seem minimal by comparison. So yes, the donations are GREATLY appreciated. But if it comes to making a choice, please give your funds to folks whose entire lives have been ruined. What we have received already will cover most of what we need to do. And we will always get by. I worry so much about some of these folks who have lost it all. I come home exhausted from working, but even more exhausted mentally from watching people's entire lives be hauled down to the curb to head for a landfill. 


Folks helping out......

So many folks are damaged that it is hard to decide where to go. I have at least 20 places where I want to be. So forgive me if you don't see me.......I'm doing what I can, where I can and will keep helping as much as possible. But I want to thank all of the other folks who are doing so much more. One is our patron ALEX BARBOSA of BARBOSA BBQ. Alex has been feeding folks throughout this disaster.....and all of it at his own expense. I saw someone offer to help him with wood costs online a few minutes ago. I plan to give Alex some $$ when I see him next and hope a few folks might direct some dollars his way. Thanks Alex.....you rank right up there with the cajun navy in my mind!!!
--Chris Maxwell cmaxwell@premier.net

BIG show announcements...


Radney Foster on Sept 18

OK, let's make it official. Contracts are signed and the date has been finalized. On Sun, Sept 18 at 7pm we will host Nashville star RADNEY FOSTER for a rare solo performance. Three years in the making and we got him!!! This is an expensive one, y'all. Reg seats will be $50 and VIPs will be $60 and the reservation window is now open! The show will be opened by KRISTEN FOSTER & DENTON HATCHER. Kristen's Dad was a mentor to Radney and she has known him her entire life. 

When the show rolls around I will have the inevitable questions about how someone on row 12 can sit closer in the future. I always suggest two things......reserve early and be a VIP. We seat VIPs toward the front, in the order we receive them. When we run out of VIPs, we fill in the regular seats (again, first come first serve). Folks often wonder how some of the same folks have seats up front almost every time. Simple.....they know the system......and they reserve early. You can, too!!!!!


2017 Manship Season.....

I met yesterday with the folks at the Manship. We set up our dates for our 2017 RED DRAGON SONGWRITERS SERIES. This will be our fourth season.......and our best. We have a few shows already arranged. Stay tuned and we will announce them in due time. Keep your eyes open for shows (tentatively) including RAY WYLIE HUBBARD, TONY JOE WHITE, PETER YARROW, LOUDON WAINWRIGHT, RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT & KINKY FRIEDMAN. We also have offers in on several folks who have never played with us before. It is gonna be a GREAT season. Stay tuned.......


The Red Dragon Listening Room has added our next Manship show to their website and seats are now available for:

Fri, Oct 14    PAUL THORN BAND   $39-$69   FUGITIVE POETS open
Our other HUGE booking is now confirmed. The regular ole Red Dragon has booked

Fri, Dec 9   DAVID BROMBERG (solo)   $50reg/$60vip  opener TBA
***drop me a note to reserve.....we will forward a ticketing link in a couple of weeks***
A couple you may have missed:
Last week we announced two others. I get a report that shows only 1/4 of our membership opened that email.....so here they are again:
Thur, Oct 6    MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY   $75reg/$85vip   MARTIN FLANAGAN opens
Thur, Nov 17   CHRIS HILLMAN & HERB PEDERSEN   $75reg/$85vip   CLAY PARKER opens
Drop me a note to reserve. When we are full I will forward ticketing info. Thanks!!   cmaxwell@premier.net .

Dyson House 
Listening Room
Address: 7575 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Editor's Note: Dyson House asks "Please ask your listeners to like us on Facebook for schedule updates."  Were your faithful editor on Facebook, he would do that! ...
8/20 Kristin Diable-Full Band
Americana, Soul and Rock and Roll
$15 cover
8/27 The Wilder Janes CD Release Party

Thank you for supporting Live Music!

BLUEGRASS NEWS:  Bluegrass & Olde Tyme acoustic string music on the Rivers,Bayous and Roadside Ditches of Louisiana.


Help us help you!  We have started a lend/exchange program for instruments.  If you lost your instrument in the flood (banjo, guitar, lap-dulcimer, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, etc), send us a note and tell us what you need.  If you have an instrument that you are willing to lend to a fellow musician until they have the means to replace theirs, let us know!  We would like to match the need with the supply so we can get you back to playing music as ASAP.  Let us know of other things that may help you get musically reestablished.  We will implement the instrument share immediately.


After the traumatic flood, we need to hold a music jam/reunion, indoors! to nourish the souls of all.

All pickers are invited to meet at Lasseigne's Grill in the Bois Chene office park at the corner of Essen Lane and Perkins Road in Baton Rouge on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016. (www.lasseignesbr.com

).  We will meet at 1 pm to eat and then play music afterwards. Your are welcome to arrive earlier (opens at 11 am).  Musicians who were adversely affected by the flood are invited to eat breakfast/brunch as guests of Lasseigne's Grill.  Those who were not affected have the opportunity to contribute to the brunch fund, so everyone can be involved.  RSVP if you think you will be able to attend so we may reserve enough tables. A section of the restaurant has been reserved to play music, and we can stay as late as 5 pm (the kitchen stops serving food at 2:45 pm, but the beverage bar can remain open until 5 pm).


If you need transportation to the jam, or you are willing to offer a ride to someone who needs it, let us know so we can facilitate that conversation.


We know many of those affected lost most of their clothes, too, so Baton Rouge Bluegrass will provide free logo shirts to help rebuild their wardrobe.


We will not let this flood diminish the jamming opportunities in the greater BR area!  If you are not able to attend this Sunday, the next regular jam is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 27th from 11 am-1:30 pm at the Main Street Market  (corner of 5th & Main streets in downtown B.R.).  Please share and extend this invitation to those who may not have internet access or be on our list  We can be contacted by telephone or text at the number listed below, or by email. 

Best wishes to all, don't stop the music.
Most Sundays: Sunday Jam in Beau Chene office park 7520 Perkins Road in Baton Rouge.  Jamming outdoors under those oaks can start anytime.  Most pickers are starting at 2 pm.
"The Claire Lynch Band" will return to Baton Rouge for its final tour appearance on Sunday Nov. 6!!   Mark your calendar.
2016 regular jams
1st Sun "Tom's Fiddle & Bow" Arnaudville, 1-4 pm    Feb 7
1st Sun "Hootenancy" at Birdman Cafe, St Francisville  5 pm pot luck  Feb 7
2nd & 4th Sat - "Main Street Market" 5th & Main in BR - 11 am 'til 1 pm




Check the www.msbga.org/events/eventlist
for major bluegrass events in 2016 within easy driving range.

Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600; Text 225.252.2708
Home of BlueGrass on the Bayou
Louisiana Bluegrass & Olde Tyme Music
HARRIS Law Firm - main financial supporter, preparing estate plans and last will and trust documents for the serious bluegrass fan concerned about his family and estate, and the perpetual care of his banjos, mandolins, violins and Martin guitars. Proceeds go to concerts and jams. HarrisLawFirm@aol.com

Gerard Furniture in BR - generous financial supporter, contributing to bringing in guest performers for Jams. Show support by visiting the store and mentioning "bluegrass."

Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600


Festival salutes south Louisiana's dancehalls

South Louisiana’s disappearing dancehalls will be highlighted during the 2016 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, which is set for Oct. 13-16 at Girard Park, Lafayette. This annual festival, which started in 1974, traditionally honors a musician who has had a significant impact on Cajun and Creole culture....

more http://www.theadvertiser.com/story/news/2016/07/13/festival-salutes-south-louisianas-dancehalls/87038864/





Louisiana Folk, 'Music and People' podcast episode #1 is published!


Download http://louisianafolk.podomatic.com/enclosure/2016-01-24T03_30_14-08_00.mp3

"Louisiana Folk, Music and People", was conceived to share the songwriting of Patrick Sylvest and the many wells from which he draws his inspiration. In this first podcast, Patrick Interviews Author, Thomas Ard Sylvest, who also happens to be his 90 year old Dad. Please, give a listen!

Patrick Sylvest






TOP ARTISTS OF MARCH 2016 www.folkradio.org
Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L playlists
Based on 14009 airplays from 141 different DJs

1. Gathering Time
2. David Francey
3. Solas
4. Loretta Lynn
5. Carla Ulbrich
6. Infamous Stringdusters
7. Corin Raymond
7. Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands
9. Eli West
10. Monica Rizzio
11. Kate Campbell
11. Moors And McCumber
13. Willie Nelson
14. Terri Hendrix
15. Denise Jordan Finley
16. Burning Bridget Cleary
16. Victor And Penny
18. Bob Dylan
18. Frank Solivan
18. Goodbye Blue
18. Greg Brown
22. Rebecca Folsom
23. Dori Freeman
23. No Fuss And Feathers
25. Eileen Ivers
25. The Paul McKenna Band
25. Steve Young
28. Honor Finnegan
29. Robert Bobby
30. Robinlee Garber
30. Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes
32. Birds Of Chicago
32. Pete Seeger
34. Tim O'Brien
35. Curtis And Loretta
35. Free The Honey
35. Kathy Kallick
38. Beatles
38. Judy Kass
40. Amy White
40. David Mallett
40. Wren


From Josh Dunson

Dear Family, Friends and Folk Music Leaders,
In my 74 years, this is the first time I have ever asked you or anyone else to join me as a member of a folk and/or advocacy organization.
I am proud to be a Creative Board member and dues paying member of the WoodSongs Front Porch Association (WFPA), a non-profit group that has successfully started a major grassroots push to involve K-12 schools in lesson plans around traditional music and to begin school performer coffee houses both in the school and in community based venues.  The $20 (single) and $25 (family and/or band up to 5 members)  covers your admission to the two-day gathering to be held at the Museum of Appalachia just north of Knoxville on September 25 and 26, 2015.
I do hope you join and maybe even join me and the other Members of the WFPA's  Creative Board as a song farmer at the Gathering.
Below is a 3.5 Minute summary of the work and the First Gathering coming up in September.  It also explains why you and I are Song Farmers.
To join, please go to this link
The members of the Creative Board are listed below:
The very best,
Michael Johnathon: folksinger and producer of the WoodSongs broadcast
Art Menius: founding Executive Director of IBMA, founding board member of Folk Alliance
Rik Palieri: Vermont folksinger and author
Dr. Ron Pen: Director of the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music (University of Kentucky)
Steve Martin: attorney, Board of IBMA, bluegrass DJ
Loretta Sawyer: Chicago publicist, roots agent and author

Raymond McLain: Director of the KY Center of Traditional Music (Morehead State University)
Kari Estrin: board of SERFA, International Folk Alliance, artist consultant and manager
Josh Dunson: agent, journalist-author, social activist and creative force behind Real People’s Music for 40 years



Northport N.Y. - M.C. Records is thrilled to announce that genre busting singer/songwriter, New Orleans based Dayna Kurtz will perform on the syndicated radio program eTown on May 3. She will share the stage with folk/bluesman Eric Bibb. Scroll down for all of Dayna's tour dates in the U.S. and Europe.

Dayna has always had fans from some of the most amazing songwriters including Bonnie Raitt and duet partner, Nora Jones. Now add Madeleine Peyroux to list. Here's what she said about "Rise And Fall."

It is great to hear an amazing voice but indescribable to hear an amazing soul. Thus this record and Dayna Kurtz are indescribable. I’m grateful for the discovery of a new old friend. - Madeleine Peyroux

Kurtz has achieved such distinctions as being named Female Songwriter of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters.  Norah Jones (with whom she later recorded a duet) and Bonnie Raitt have raved about her in interviews, she's performed on such high-profile radio shows as World Cafe, Mountain Stage and NPR's Morning Edition, and her singing was featured in a widely seen TV commercial for a prominent American hotel chain.


WXPN Radio posted the stream (and free download) of a new tribute
song tolegendary folk dj Gene Shay performed by 25 Philly based
artists.  You can read and hear (and download) the song here:






The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz



Les Kerr has a new blog about the musical connection between Nashville and New Orleans. From Louis Armstrong’s collaboration with Jimmie Rodgers to Del McCoury playing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the connection continues at:




"Though it's impossible to pinpoint a particular moment when immigrants began inventing American music, a dramatic turning point surely occurred in 1804, the year a young nation made the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson sought to buy from the French just the city of New Orleans, because of its crucial value as a port. But a cash-strapped Napoleon sold the entire, still-uncharted Louisiana Territory for $15 million — roughly 4 cents an acre.  In a single stroke, America became a thrilling, noisy eruption of sound."






Hi there,

I host a local BG / folk/gospel radio show that airs on several country stations on Sunday morning. If you have a recent recording that would reflect this format, please send along.  I would be glad to air.  Please let me know what song that you are trying to push.

I do this only as a labor of love for this kind of music and to promote local artist.

Thanks and tell your Mamma you love her.

Jim  jimhogggroup@cox.net    http://youtu.be/tfiXcyDWGso





My name is Rebecca Sharky. I am the GM of Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA.   I'd like for Cafe Des Amis to be considered as an alternative non-smoking venue to your folk friends. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Thank you!

Cafe Des Amis <gm@cafedesamis.comwww.cafedesamis.com


"I have been affected by secondhand smoke.  I remember one night I was playing in a club and I went to hit a high note and I almost blacked out on stage.  I had to hold the microphone to keep from falling down. There was so much smoke in the place that it had a negative impact on my singing."
--Deacon John

Music selections from  audio collections at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's  Southern Folklife Collection are now being streamed online. Visitors can  tune in to channels that feature music in five genres: old-time music;  country and bluegrass; folk revival; rhythm, blues, and boogie; and the  eclectic “SFC Mix.” The purpose of our radio stream is to make our holdings  available for educational use.

To listen  visit:








When the song of the angel is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins:
   To find the lost,
   To heal the broken,
   To feed the hungry,
   To release the prisoner,
   To rebuild the nations,
   To bring peace among brothers,
   To make music in the heart.



This website is updated Saturdays, before the Hootenanny Power radio show at 9 pm on WRKF.  Please don't wait until Monday or Tuesday after the radio show to send me info on a performance that coming Friday.  It definitely won't make the show, and probably won't make the website.  tlcaffery at yahoo dot com


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