One of music’s sweetest voices and most incisive songwriters, Jesse Winchester, has died. The 69 year-old — who had been battling cancer — passed away at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia on Friday morning according to his wife, Cindy Winchester.

The mellifluous-voiced author of “The Brand New Tennessee Waltz,” “Mississippi, You’re on My Mind” and “Biloxi,” the Memphis-raised Winchester had long been a favorite of critics and fellow musicians, covered by a wide array of artists from Wilson Pickett to the Everly Brothers, Jerry Garcia to Reba McEntire. Bob Dylan was famously quoted as saying of Mr. Winchester: “You can’t talk about the best songwriters and not include him.” In 2007, Mr. Winchester was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from performing rights organization ASCAP for his body of work....

Folk, Roots, World and Acoustic
Music in Baton Rouge
and South Central Louisiana


Welcome Back To The Hootenanny Power Pages, Folk and Roots Music Playlist, and Coming Events in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  The Hootenanny Power radio show, since 1981 on WRKF  Public Radio Baton Rouge.  The live audio stream may be heard via computer, Saturday nights, 9 pm to midnight central time, at, or on the airwaves at 89.3

Hootenanny Power Live Streaming Only!  Broadcast regulations and licensing make podcasting or archiving rights for music programs murky murky murky.  Unless and until these matters are cleared up, Hootenanny Power will be live streaming only, 9 pm to midnight central time, Saturday nights



Tish Hinojosa:  ...He came out to hear me while I was a student at San Antonio College in 1978 and advised me to begin writing some songs so I could enter the New Folk competition. He liked my voice, but said I had to be a songwriter to play the festival. I entered my first ever self-penned songs for the 1979 festival and won along with John Ims and was invited to play main stage the next year. Boy! How fun ... and terrifying! I had to write a whole bunch more in order to fill a whole set.

I took on the challenge and became a real songwriter. Something I might never have done had not Rod encouraged it. He remained throughout my career a wonderful friend and mentor....



We will begin the 'official' celebrations with a service, at his request, at Grimes Funeral Home in Kerrville at 2PM on Saturday April 26 (skipping Easter weekend). The gathering will move to Quiet Valley Ranch for us to share the music and sustenance as we always do.

Opening night of the Festival, Thursday May 22nd, will be a special dedication to him. I am certain that so will many other nights and sets as the Festival continues.



Springing from the same Mississippi soil as Charley Patton, Muddy Waters and B.B. King, 29 year-old Jarekus Singleton’s cutting-edge sound—equally rooted in rap, rock and blues traditions—is all his own. He melds hip-hop wordplay, rock energy and R&B grooves with contemporary and traditional blues, turning audiences of all ages into devoted fans. With his untamed guitar licks and strong, soulful voice effortlessly moving from ferocious and funky to slow and steamy to smoking hot, Singleton is a fresh, electrifying bluesman bursting at the seams with talent.

Singleton's Alligator debut, Refuse To Lose, features a scintillating guitar attack and lyrically startling original songs all sung with a natural storyteller’s voice. Produced by Singleton along with Alligator Records president Bruce Iglauer and recorded at PM Music in Memphis, the album is an impossible-to-ignore first step onto the world stage. With songs telling real life, streetwise (sometimes funny) stories brimming with surprising images, pop culture references, infectious rhythms and unexpected musical twists, Refuse To Lose unleashes a new wave of blues for a new generation of fans.

Jarekus Singleton has been tearing up clubs and festivals across the South, and has performed twice at the world-renowned Chicago Blues Festival. He has been featured at South Carolina's Lowcountry Blues Festival and Festival of Discovery as well as many other festivals in the South and clubs throughout Mississippi.



Dianne and I had a good time at Beth Woods' house concert. Thanks for the food and drink, for giving my friend Kevin Johnson your attention and for giving our featured artist, Beth Wood, a warm welcome to Baton Rouge. All of you, The Red Dragon, The Baton Rouge Bluegrass Society, and any other groups or individuals promoting acoustic music are helping to put Baton Rouge on the acoustic music map. Thanks to Chris Maxwell, Jonathan Harris, Taylor Caffery, Smithfield Fair, Thelda Adams and Gina Forsyth for helping to get the word out. Right now, it takes all of those people and all of that effort to get a room of about 25 to 30 people. Hopefully, all of our guests can spread the word about what nice evenings we host here at Calmes House Concerts.

Was that a fine performance or what last night!? What a voice, stage presence, and songwriting ability we were graced with last night. Please do us all a favor and log onto our artists’ websites to let them know if you like the show, buy more CD’s, etc. We want to inspire them to return to our city. We may have someone perform on May 3rd.  We’ll get back to you on that one.

We have British recording artist, Rupert Wates, coming on May 31st. I will be sending our more information at a later date, but here is a link to a nice video of Rupert:
You can sign up early for Rupert if you like. Just let us know.

A Note about the social part of the evening. Please forgive us if we don’t get to talk to you during the evening or if we forget names or faces. The breaks are a busy time for us, making sure food and drink are out, everything is in place to sell CD’s, working out any technical details with the artists to begin the next set. etc. We DO appreciate you. And do feel free to visit with us after the shows. We’d like to get to know you. This is our 2nd year to do this. We’re learning. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Robert and Dianne Calmes

11143 Lazy Lake Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70818

Our phone number is 261-4718.
Robert and Dianne Calmes

May 31 -- Rupert Wates from England
June 14 -- Smithfield Fair

Since our concerts are booked so far in advance, the dates are subject to change. We will inform you as soon as any changes occur. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Robert and Dianne Calmes



News from the Red Dragon: contact

Red Dragon TheWebsite:

Red Dragon Listening Room The Website

The great Jim Lauderdale.... People in the music biz know that there is no name bigger than JIM LAUDERDALE. He has written more songs for more artists than I could possibly list in this email. He produces and plays on hundreds of records and also hosts a program on SIRIUS RADIO. Jim will be joined by our good friend PETER COOPER for a swap of songs and stories on Friday, May 16 at the Manship Theatre. If my musical word means anything, please take my advice on this don't want to miss it! The multi-talented PATRICK SYLVEST will open the show. Big thanks to our sponsor, NOESIS DATA, for making this one possible.

JIM LAUDERDALE is so big that a full length documentary has been made about his career. While listening to his songs on youtube I found the trailer for this upcoming film. Check it out!

Ramblin' Jack Elliott!
How many of y'all made last year's RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT show? It has kinda become urban legend.....Jack was having such a good time he just didn't want to leave. It took the WILDER JANES serenading him from the stage to end the show. If you missed it, you have another shot at a legend. Jack wanted to come back so much that he agreed to make it affordable this time. This year, the seat donation will be $50 (half of what it was last year!). WOW......big thanks to Jack! The show will take place on Thursday, June 19. KRISTIN DIABLE will open the show (I hear Jack likes young, talented, pretty girls to open his shows!). If you would like to be a part, drop me a note to reserve seating. VIP seats for $60....couches!!!!! One more chance to see a legend. Drop me a note now!

Schedule for 2014

Well the rest of our schedule this year is ready to announce. First let me tell you that only the next four shows are available at the Manship Website ( I will make sure to give you a heads-up when the others go on sale. Allright, y'all, here they are!!

Lauderdale is one of the most renowned songwriters in all of Nashville with credits longer than my arm. Cooper is an incredible songwriter, writer, professor at Vandy and a whole lot more. This may well be the most fun show on the schedule and the hardest to get a crowd for. Take my word, y'all, you want to be there for this one!
***show sponsored by NOESIS DATA***

Sat, June 28    CHRIS KNIGHT    CHRIS CANTERBURY opens....The darkness of Knight.... CHRIS KNIGHT writes some of the finest (and darkest) songs you will ever love. His shows at the Red Dragon always sell out and his followers are rabid. Not your typical stuff.......and in a very good way. It has been said that his records don't have song counts, they have body counts! Chris will join us at the Manship on Sat, June 28. This show is sponsored by BATCH 19 fact, I will be sipping on one at tonight's show! CHRIS CANTERBURY is driving in from North Louisiana just to open this show! Hey, how about a cool link:
Once you become a Chris Knight fan you are hooked for life. His albums are tough.....they don't have a song count, they have a body count!
***show sponsored by BATCH 19 BEER***

Two incredible songwriters who just happen to be best friends. Keith has written for everyone, most notably for JIMMY BUFFETT (Volcano!). Richard is best know for writing "Don't it Make Your Brown Eyes Blue" for CRYSTAL GAYLE. Two of the nicest guys in this biz!! DENTON HATCHER opens.
***show sponsored by TRITON INDUSTRIES***

They don't get any bigger than this! Chris was a founding member of the legendary BYRDS. He went on to the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS, SOUTHER-HILLMAN-FURRAY, THE DESERT ROSE BAND and a stellar solo career. Herb is often his musical partner and we've got 'em both! Warning.....this show will sell out. I will give you a heads-up when seats go on sale. RYAN HARRIS opens.
***this show is sponsored by KEAN MILLER, LLP***

I am calling this the "guitar summit". Two of the most legendary guitarists in the world. We have been lucky enough to host Bill before, but have always wanted to get Bill and Redd together. Redd is that incredible player we all know from working with MERLE HAGGARD. Guitar lovers, this is the show! BARRY HEBERT opens.

I don't even have to tell you how big this show will be. The man is a Texas legend. This show will also be a sell out. I will let you know when it hits the Manship website. The CUPCAKE STRIPPERS will open.

Fri, Nov 14    DARRELL SCOTT
One of Nashville's music legends. In music circles folks revere this guy. ROBERT PLANT recruited Darrell to head up his BAND OF JOY. Imagaine Darrell on the Manship grand piano! What an incredible writer. PATRICK COOPER will open.

Thur, Dec 4    SHAWN CAMP
Shawn has one of the greatest stories in all of Nashville. A major label artist with a stellar album that got shelved by the powers that be, only to be discovered a decade and a half later......and he is a star again! What a voice and what a guitarist! MARTIN FLANAGAN opens this one.


Next up at the Dragon

Our little break ends in a couple of weeks with some incredible shows.

Fri, April 25    SLAID CLEAVES    $20 seat donation   STEVE JUDICE opens.
Fri, May 9    STEVE CONN (full band!)  $20 seat donation  PATRICK COOPER opens
Sun, May 18    JOHN FULLBRIGHT (full band)  $20 seat donation   DAYNA KURTZ opens
Tue, May 27    MONICA TAYLOR (from THE FARM COUPLE!)  details to follow

I know.....I usually use this section to do my mini-music-blog. I'll do that when I do a Songwriters Series email! Hope to see you in a couple of weeks when the music returns and the paint is dry!!
Binky's Dad, chris m

P.S. Set aside Thursday, June 19......I have an announcement of epic proportions! (what a great tease.....wonder if anyone is still tuned in?

Want to sponsor a show?
Are you part of a company who supports the arts? A company that wants to be a part of the Baton Rouge music scene? Well we need you to be a show sponsor for the RED DRAGON SONGWRITERS SERIES at the MANSHIP THEATRE. The cost is $2500 and the benefits are numerous. Drop me a note if you might be interested. Let me give you my best sales pitch! These shows can only happen with the help of sponsors. It will be the most fun you have ever had spending money on advertising!!!!!

Manship show seats can be purchased at
Drop me a note to reserve seats for regular Red Dragon shows

Binky's (exhausted) Dad, chris m



SUNDAY - EASTER - Jam at Boutin's for those lonesome pickers who need a bluegrass fix.  Free peanuts and punch and Guitar strings professionally polished by "Avitar Strings."

FRIDAY:  Slaid Cleaves & Steve Judice at Red Dragon
SATURDAY Noon - Old Feed Store in Covingston
SUNDAY 27th:  Eric Clapton and James Linden Hogg collaborate with Henry Grey, the Infamous Stringdusters and Sleepy Man Banjo to produce a Sunday of bluegrass in New Orleans at the JAZZFEST.  Well, not exactly.  But they will all be there sharing their music with the audience.  With two real bluegrass bands on the  schedule, and with Chicago blues legend Henry Grey and acclaimed artist Eric Clapton leading the way, this is a good parade to follow Sunday.  So, if you can make the time, drop in to JAZZ FEST on that Sunday April 27 and be a part of history with the best.

!!! Sat April 26th - 10th Annual Acoustic Jam Fest on the Riverbank at Madisonville, La. Free lunch and beverages for pickers and spouses. Good restaurants in area. TAKE YOUR INSTRUMENTS and LAWN CHAIRS. A GOOD TIME. FOR MORE INFO CALL EDDY ARNOLD AT (985) 437-2665. SPREAD THE WORD & take friends and family.

Louisiana Bluegrass & Olde Tyme Music
[Baton Rouge Bluegrass Ass'n]
Home of BlueGrass on the Bayou.
(Jonathan Harris, Social Chairman /Janitor)
P O Box 4112, Baton Rouge LA 70821 (Louisiana)
Tel. (225) 387-1600



"Based in Austin and steeped in New Orleans, Marcia Ball plumbs the richness of both musical meccas. From rootsy swamp pop and blues-drenched boogie woogie to languid ballads, Ball is equally comfortable with brash roadhouse romps and caressing love songs." --USA Today

Texas-born, Louisiana-raised pianist/vocalist/songwriter Marcia Ball will perform as part of the Live After Five free concert series in Baton Rouge on Friday, April 25, 2014. Ball's latest release is her Grammy-nominated Alligator Records CD, ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS. Her groove-laden New Orleans R&B, heart-wrenching ballads and driving Gulf Coast blues have made Ball a one-of-a-kind favorite of music fans everywhere. Ball's music mixes equal parts simmering soul fervor and rollicking Crescent City piano. Over the course of her career, Ball's infectious, intelligent and deeply emotional songs have won her a loud and loyal international fan base. ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS is her fifth release for Alligator, and the fourth to receive a Grammy nomination. Recently, Ball received the 2013 Living Blues Readers' Award: Most Outstanding Musician--Keyboard. She also won three 2012 Living Blues Readers'
Awards: Blues Artist Of The Year--Female, Most Outstanding Musician--Keyboard and Best Blues Album Of 2011 for ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS.  In 2012, Ball received a Blues Music Award (BMA) for the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player Of The Year. She has now won a total of nine BMAs. She was inducted into the Gulf Coast Hall of Fame in 2010 and into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2012. Concert information is as follows:

Date: Friday, April 25, 2014
Event: Live After Five
Venue: Repentance Park
Address: Downtown Baton Rouge
City: Baton Rouge, LA
Showtime: 5:00pm
Ticket price: Free admission

Produced by famed songwriter, musician and producer Gary Nicholson (Delbert McClinton, Wynonna Judd, T. Graham Brown), ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS finds Marcia Ball at a creative peak. Ball wrote or co-wrote every song-something she had never done over the course of her forty-year career. Throughout the proceedings, her stellar musicians add power and nuance to the music, perfectly complementing Ball's expert piano playing, slice-of-life lyrics and melodic, storytelling vocals.

Born in Orange, Texas in 1949 to a family whose female members all played piano, Ball grew up in the small town of Vinton, Louisiana, right across the border from Texas. She began taking piano lessons at age five, playing old Tin Pan Alley tunes from her grandmother's collection. From her aunt, Marcia heard more modern and popular music. But it wasn't until she was 13 that Marcia discovered the power of soul music. One day in 1962, she sat amazed while Irma Thomas delivered the most spirited performance the young teenager had ever seen.

In 1970, Ball set out for San Francisco. Her car broke down in Austin, and while waiting for repairs she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. It wasn't long before she was performing in the city's clubs with a progressive country band called Freda And The Firedogs, while beginning to hone her songwriting skills. It was around this time that she delved deeply into the music of the great New Orleans piano players, especially Professor Longhair. "Once I found out about Professor Longhair," recalls Ball, "I knew I had found my direction."

When the band broke up in 1974, Marcia launched her solo career, signing to Capitol Records and debuting with the country-rock album Circuit Queen in 1978. Discovering and honing her own sound, she released six critically acclaimed titles on the Rounder label during the 1980s and 1990s. Her recordings and performances received glowing reviews in major music publications, and Marcia was featured on leading television and radio programs, including Austin City Limits and NPR's Fresh Air and Piano Jazz.

Since the release of her Alligator debut Presumed Innocent in 2001, Ball has received more popular and critical acclaim than ever before. 2003's So Many Rivers continued the push forward, with Billboard declaring, "Ball is a consummate pro-a killer pianist, a great singer and songwriter. Powerful. Righteous." 2005's Live! Down The Road received equally impressive praise. The New Orleans Times-Picayune said simply, "Bayou boogie has a queen and her name is Marcia Ball." Billboard said, "Peace, Love & BBQ is a welcome ray of sunshine. This is a potent batch of tunes, highlighted by Ball's keyboard mastery."


The Songbird Music School July 12 & 13, 2014

Does it ever seem like you practice and practice and see little improvement? This weekend of intensive workshops is for you! Ideally suited for beginning to intermediate-level participants, we'll help you advance your playing or find your voice no matter where you are! It's like months of lessons in one weekend! Register soon before it fills up, application, bio's and schedule on website:

Small classes, a fun weekend with like- minded music lovers learning new instruments or improving skills! Concert by instructors and a closing show by the participants, write Lynn at with any questions.


Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 13159 airplays from 140 different DJs

1. John Gorka
2. Laurie Lewis
3. Cahalen Morrison And Eli West
4. Townes Van Zandt
5. John McCutcheon
5. Molasses Creek
7. Pete Seeger
7. Tattletale Saints
9. Johnny Cash
10. Grant Peeples
11. Eliza Gilkyson
12. The Chieftains
13. Tim Grimm
14. Byrd And Street
15. The Waymores
16. Richard Shindell
16. Shari Ulrich
18. Bob Dylan
18. Vance Gilbert
20. Robby Hecht
20. The Steel Wheels
22. Rosanne Cash
23. The Amigos
23. Jack Williams
25. The Blushin' Roulettes
26. Carrie Newcomer
26. Claudia Schmidt
26. Poor Angus
26. The Stray Birds
30. Mare Wakefield And Nomad
31. Dar Williams
32. Garnet Rogers
32. The Sea The Sea
32. Si Kahn
35. Kathy Kallick
35. Lowell Levinger
37. John Prine
37. Tim O'Brien
39. Greg Brown
39. Richard Thompson
39. Seldom Scene
39. Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen
39. Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers Featuring Edie Brickell


Folk Alliance International Announces New Executive Director

April 9, 2014, Kansas City, MO ~ Folk Alliance International is pleased to announce new Executive Director Aengus Finnan, who brings his years of experience as a cultural community leader, musician, presenter and arts administrator to the organization and to Kansas City, effective July 1, 2014. After an extensive search The Board of Directors have selected Mr. Finnan and look forward to the future of Folk Alliance in his capable hands.

"Our Board of Directors is so excited to bring someone of Aengus' caliber onboard to lead us," says David Hirshland, Board President. "Folk Alliance has come so far in the past 8 years under Louis' leadership, and we just couldn't be happier that Aengus is joining us, not only to continue our success but to grow from where we are."

The Folk Alliance Board brought in Arts Consulting Group (ACG) to assist with their search through nearly 50 candidates, and were very impressed with the quality of all applicants. "We brought finalists who represented a wide range of business and cultural arts experience to our conference in February." notes Donald Davidoff, Board Treasurer and Chair of the Search Committee. "To find that our best choice is Aengus who is already a well-respected member of our community is such an added bonus."

Welcome Aengus Finnan
Born in Dublin Ireland, and raised in rural Canada, Aengus Finnan comes to Folk Alliance via Toronto, ON and his former position as the Touring and Audience Development Officer for the Ontario Arts Council (OAC); overseeing the National and International touring programs and the International artist residency program. His diverse history in arts administration, education, culture and community outreach as well as his perspective as a musician lay the groundwork to forge a new path for Folk Alliance, while honoring tradition.

Woking in English and French, Aengus has most recently been responsible within OAC for the launch of a bilingual Audience Development presenter program, and advised on the development of an Aboriginal Music Presenter program, and the $45 million Music Ontario fund. As an artist, he released 3 recordings and toured extensively throughout North America, Japan and Australia, before founding the Shelter Valley Folk Festival in 2003 where he served as the Executive and Artistic Director until 2010. Aengus has served as Board President for the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (now Folk Music Ontario), established the Art Beat community outreach initiative for the OCFF, and co-founded Canada's annual Gordon Lightfoot tribute concert series. A visual arts graduate of Lester B. Pearson United World College, Aengus Finnan also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Education specialized in Aboriginal and Northern Education. He worked as a music teacher in the Arctic, and later as a Program Manager for Community Futures, an economic development agency focused on self-employment. Aengus is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for his cultural and humanitarian work, was twice nominated for the Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts, and is a past recipient of the New Folk Songwriting Award from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.



John McCutcheon to address SERFA 2014 We are excited to announce John McCutcheon as our Keynote Speaker.

John McCutcheon has emerged as one of our most respected and loved folksingers. As an instrumentalist, he is a master of a dozen different traditional instruments, most notably the rare and beautiful hammer dulcimer. His songwriting has been hailed by critics and singers around the globe. McCutcheon's thirty-six recordings have garnered every imaginable honor, including six Grammy nominations. He has produced over twenty albums of other artists, from traditional fiddlers to contemporary singer-songwriters to educational and documentary works. His books and instructional materials have introduced budding players to the joys of their own musicality. And McCutcheon's commitment to grassroots political organizations has put him on the front lines of many of the issues important to communities and workers. For more information, visit

The Kari Estrin Founding President's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Music and Culture in the SE

A note from Kari Estrin: Through the many years I spent organizing SERFA as the newest region of Folk Alliance, which started at the 2002 Jacksonville FAI conference, through two planning retreats and SERFA's first three conferences, I spent many hours of conversation with members on their dreams for SERFA and what made it special. After honing the mission statement with the input and help of many initial members, this award carries that spirit through each year starting in
2014 to honor a person, artist or organization that has contributed significantly to the music in the South East and its culture.

The 2014 recipient of the award is The Highlander Research and Education Center. Pam McMichael, Director, will be on hand to accept the award.

Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. We work with people fighting for justice, equality, and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny. Through popular education, participatory research, and cultural work, we help create spaces  at Highlander and in local communities  where people gain knowledge, hope and courage, expanding their idea of what is possible. We develop leadership and help create and support strong, democratic organizations that work for justice, equality and sustainability in their own communities and that join with others to build broad movements for social, economic and restorative environmental change.

For more info, visit and

SERFA is proud to announce the following lineup of artists for the 2014
Official Showcases:

Amanda Martinez
Ash Breeze BAnd
Avery Hill
Brad Cole
Brian Ashley Jones
Brooks Williams
Carli and Julie Kennedy
Christopher Mark Jones
The Don Juans
Elaine Romanelli
Ellen Bukstel
Graydon James & Laura Spink
Grits and Soul
Heather Pierson
Jan Krist & Jim Bizer
Karyn Oliver
Lauren Lapointe
Lauren Sheehan & Zoe Carpenter
Michael Johnathon
Natasha Borzilova
Peyton Tochterman
Raison D'Etre
The Ruby Brunettes
Sarah Aili (eye-lee)
Suzie Vinnick
The Don Juans
Tret Fure

Thank you to the many, many talented artists who applied for an Official
Showcase. It was not easy to whittle down to this list with so much talent in
the hopper. Special thanks to our judges (who remain anonymous) and to Betty
Friedrichsen for working with the judges and applicants through the entire
process.  Here's to three, yes THREE, nights of exciting showcases in May!

SERFA will be held at the Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, North
Carolina, May 14-18, 2014.

For more info, visit

Kim Richardson
SERFA President
(Southeast Regional Folk Alliance)
Montreat Conference Center
Montreat, NC
May 14 - 18, 2014


The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz
May 2
The Grapevine Café & Gallery

June 14
The Grapevine Café & Gallery

November 14
Festival at the Barn
The Music Barn
Polkville, MS


 Good Morning,

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has invited my 13 year old son James Linden Hogg to perform  April 27th as their youngest performer to ever be featured!  For your chance at FREE tickets - go to  click on April 27th performance / click James Linden Hogg, and make a  nice comment.

I am trying to build up the positive feedback on his web....leading up to the April 27th date, and your response is appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Jim Hogg {Proud Dad}

Please visit:


Hello, Fair Folk --

We are excited to announce the release of Smithfield Fair's 29th and latest album - COMPANIONS. Jan, Bob & Dudley-Brian are rejoined by former member Joel Smith for a rousing collection of new and old songs focusing on life in the Deep South.

The group's 'blood harmonies' are never better on 20 tracks that include 6 new songs and 14 never-before-in-digital-format. The songs are a folky mix awash with blues, gospel and jazz elements and deal with nightlife, hard times, struggles in the heat, colorful characters, riverboats and parades in the incomparable twilight of Louisiana and the Deep South.

The album is immediately available on Amazon and from CDBaby (links below), as well as from the band's website (, at Saxon Guild when in Alexandria, and 92 download sites. The quartet expects to be playing a number of Louisiana performances during the year and the new CD will be on sale at all performances (check the web calendar for dates and details). Thanks for your support and we know you'll love this new album!

Amazon link:


Dudley-Brian Smith
Stevenson Productions/Smithfield Fair

Highlights of Graham Nash at Folk Alliance in Kansas City 2014



The Abita Springs Opy has announced the music lineup for its 12th season of providing roots music to packed houses of north shore music fans. The new season will begin on March 15 and run through May 17.

For recent seasons, the Opry has broadened its focus. Originally presenting only old-style country and bluegrass music, an Opry press release explained that it "recognized that those are only a part of the rich musical fabric that reflects our beautiful diverse culture in Louisiana." Performances now includes Cajun, zydeco, and traditional jazz performers from the north shore, New Orleans, and beyond.

The spring lineup is as follows:

March 15: Steve Anderson Group (traditional country); Driskill Mountain Boys (bluegrass); the Long Time Goners (honky-tonk country); Waylon Thibodeaux (Cajun).

April 19: The Petty Bones (eclectic mix, from ballads to blues); Big Shine, featuring Hutson Brock, Charlie Harrison and Mike Pace (fiddle); Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue (honky-tonk from New Orleans); Shotgun Jazz Band featuring Marla Dixon on horn (contemporary New Orleans street performers).

May 17: Pot Luck String Band (traditional Americana and bluegrass); Hanalena (bluegrass and country from Nashville); Lost in the Holler (traditional American music); the Dapper Dandies (traditional New Orleans jazz).

The main mission of the Opry is to present Louisiana roots music, with an emphasis on genres indigenous to the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and surrounding areas. The shows take place at the more than 100-year-old Abita Springs Town Hall, which offers cypress wood walls and floors for an old-fashioned ambiance that harkens back to times of old.

The Opry release also indicates some of the venue's regular performers will be participating in the Earth Day Festival — held on March 16 — and the Busker Festival, taking place March 30. Both events happen in Abita Springs.

All Abita Opry performances take place from 7 until 9 p.m. at Abita Springs Town Hall, located at 22161 Level St. in Abita Springs. All tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and often sell out in advance. All seats are $18. To purchase tickets call Kathy at 985.892.2342 or drop by the Abita Springs Town Hall during working hours. For more information and complete descriptions of each performer, visit the website at


Martin Carthy hosts a 30 minute BBC Radio 4 documentary on Ewan MacColl's critic's group: How Folk Songs Should Be Sung


LSU Press to Publish First Biography of Huey “Piano” Smith

“I credit Huey with opening the door for funk, basically as we know it, in some ridiculously hip way, and putting it in the mainstream of the world’s music.” –Dr. John, 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

Baton Rouge— Huey “Piano” Smith’s musical legacy stands alongside fellow New Orleans legends like Dr. John, Fats Domino, Ernie K-Doe, and Allen Toussaint. His 1957 classic, “Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu,” made Billboard’s top R&B singles chart, and hundreds of artists have recorded his songs, including Aerosmith, the Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, Johnny Rivers, and Chubby Checker.

The first biography of the artist responsible for hits “Don’t You Just Know It,” “High Blood Pressure,” and “Sea Cruise,” Huey “Piano” Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues follows the musician from his Depression-era childhood to his years as a pianist for blues star Guitar Slim to his mainstream success in the 1950s and ’60s. Drawing from extensive interviews and court records, author and journalist John Wirt also provides new insights on Smith’s professional disappointments and financial struggles of the 1980s and ’90s as he battled for legal ownership of his most successful and profitable work.

An enigmatic and guarded personality in a profession of extroverted performers, Smith made far-reaching contributions to the New Orleans music scene as a songwriter, pianist, and producer. Wirt reveals that Smith’s numerous collaborative ventures—including the Clowns, the Pitter Pats, the Hueys and Shin-Dig Smith, and the Soul Shakers—were vehicles for his creative vision rather than anonymous backup for a leading front man.

Throughout this intimate account, Wirt details Smith’s significant impact on rock and roll history and underscores both the longevity of his music—which has entertained and inspired for over five decades—and the musician’s personal endurance in the face of hardship and opposition.

John Wirt has covered music, film, and entertainment for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Daytona Beach News-Journal, and The Advocate’s Baton Rouge and New Orleans editions.

March 2014 / 312 pages, 6 x 9, 9 halftones
Paper $25.95, ebook available
LSU Press Paperback Original



The 2014 Louisiana Culture Awards nomination application is available.  The awards are open to any individual, organization or community whose efforts contribute to preserving or enhancing the state’s culture. The categories are:


    Cultural District Award
    Education Award
    Leadership Award
    Folklife Heritage Award
    Culinary Arts Award
    Outstanding Arts Organization
    Artist of the Year


    Main Street Award
    Education Award
    Leadership Award
    Heritage Award
    Preservationist of the Year
    Archaeologist of the Year


    Le Prix de la Franco-Responsabilité

Nominations must be submitted via email to by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The awards ceremony will take place on April 22, 2014, at the Capitol Park Museum during Culture Connection. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your assistance.

MATTHEW WHITNEY DAY | Outreach and Special Projects Manager
Office of Cultural Development | Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
1051 N. Third St., Room 401 | Baton Rouge, LA 70802
T: 225.342.7600 | F: 225.219.9772 | E:




The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz:

Okey dokey artichokies, The Boyz have a few up coming events for you to peruse and hopefully attend.  And yet, even bigger news.  Van Glynn, fiddler and mandolinist extraordinaire, has shown a complete lack of good judgement and common sense and has joined The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz as a full partner in this mayhem.  His family and friends are aghast at this lack of discretion on his part but we are delighted. We hope he doesn't have second thoughts when the drugs wear off.  He's already catching flack from little old ladies at his church . . . "You're playing with who . . . ?  Well I never . . . How do you pronounce that?  What does that mean?" 

And for all of ya'll interested in our videos, here is a link to a site where you can see some of Randy Walsh's other work.  Click on the "Stray Films Montage".  We're in very rarefied company.

See ya'll soon.

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz "Not 'Yer Daddy's Bluegrass . . ."


Lafayette Singer+Songwriter Series Tickets On Sale Now!

Marc Cohn

Wednesday, March 26 @ 7:30 PM 

Marc Cohn is a Grammy Award-winning American folk rock singer-songwriter and musician, best known for his song Walking in Memphis. Cohn released a self-titled, platinum-selling solo album "Marc Cohn" in 1991, thanks to the massive success of Walking in Memphis, which was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Pop Vocal. Cohn won the 1991 Grammy for Best New Artist award, beating out both Boyz II Men and Seal.

In 2005 Cohn was shot in the head during an attempted carjacking in Denver, Colorado, following a concert with Suzanne Vega. The bullet struck him in the temple but did not penetrate his skull. Subsequently he released the compilation "The Very Best of Marc Cohn" in June 2006 and his 4th studio album, one of his most critically acclaimed records, "Join the Parade" in 2007 and followed it with well over 150 shows across the country.

In 2010, Cohn returned with "Listening Booth: 1970", a collection of cover songs that were originally released during the titular year. The album features vocal performances from India. Arie, Jim Lauderdale, Aimee Mann, and Kristina Train.

Public: $45 $35 $25
Members: $42 $32 $22
Members pre-sale: Jan 27
Public on-sale: Feb 3

 Acadiana Center for the Arts
101 W Vermilion St
Lafayette, LA 70501



Clarence Recommends: Every Friday  - Coobie Joe cajun band every Friday at Boutin's Cajun restaurant 7pm-10pm at 8322 Bluebonnet Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70810 (225) 819-9862

Cajun Fiddle Lessons by Ann Vidrine: Clarence's friend Ann Vidrine gives cajun fiddle lessons. If you are interested in playing the cajun fiddle, she would be a good person to learn from. For lessons, call 225-343-7398 or email: annvidrine [type the at sign]

Baton Rouge's Cajun and Zydeco Radio Shows:

* Sat 5am-7am WTGE 100.7 FM Roland Doucet's Cajun Radio show

* Sat 7pm-9pm WBRH 90.3 FM Clarence's Cajun Saturday Night

* Sun 5pm-7pm WHYR 96.9 FM Ann Vidrine's Cajun Experience Radio Show

* Sun 7pm-9pm KLSU 91.1FM The Front Porch Fais Do-Do Cajun/Zydeco show with LSU student DJ Couillon. It broadcasts on the web at Request line: (225) 578-5578 



Les Kerr has a new blog about the musical connection between Nashville and New Orleans. From Louis Armstrong’s collaboration with Jimmie Rodgers to Del McCoury playing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the connection continues at:



San Francisco's Tompkins Square Label Releases 'Live At Caffè Lena: Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013'. 3-CD Box Set Available Worldwide September 24, 2013

Unreleased performances by Dave Van Ronk, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Kate McGarrigle, Rick Danko, Anais Mitchell, Sleepy John Estes, Arlo Guthrie, Sarah Lee Guthrie, and more.

Nestled in the quaint upstate town of Saratoga Springs, New York is Caffè Lena, the oldest continuously operating folk music coffeehouse in the US. Opened by Lena Spencer in 1960, this tiny room has played host to influential artists across diverse genres of music; traditional folk, blues, singer-songwriters, jazz and bluegrass. Luckily, many performances were caught on tape through the years, offering the listener a thrilling seat inside this hallowed venue. ‘Live At Caffè Lena’, a 3-CD box set, the result of years of investigative research, contains 47 tracks, all released for the very first time, alongside previously unpublished photographs. Images include selections from the archive of esteemed photographer Joe Alper, who captured many iconic, intimate portraits from the folk era of the 1960s.

'Live At Caffè Lena' documents an important folk universe that was and is still happening in upstate New York, a story heretofore largely untold. The release of this collection comes at an auspicious time in light of renewed interest in the New York folk scene of the 60s as depicted in the forthcoming Coen Brothers film, 'Inside Llewyn Davis.' The film is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk's 2005 memoir 'The Mayor of Macdougal Street.' Van Ronk, a Caffè Lena regular, served as a mentor to many artists, some who would go on to eclipse his fame. His 1974 recording of "Gaslight Rag" featured on the box set references the Gaslight Café, a famed Greenwich Village venue that along with Caffè Lena was a catalyst for the folk music revival.

Caffè Lena embodied the spirit of the folk boom, the era and its artistry, building a reputation as a hotbed of creativity and connection. It was also a safe haven and nurturing space for artists, its atmosphere cultivated personally by Lena Spencer herself. She would graciously house wayward artists, sometimes for months at a time. But she was not merely a host. She championed artists, from Bob Dylan as early as 1961 all the way through the 80s until her passing. Her passion for identifying and promoting talent is evident throughout this 3-CD set. That Caffè Lena is still open for business tonight is a testament to her legacy.


"Though it's impossible to pinpoint a particular moment when immigrants began inventing American music, a dramatic turning point surely occurred in 1804, the year a young nation made the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson sought to buy from the French just the city of New Orleans, because of its crucial value as a port. But a cash-strapped Napoleon sold the entire, still-uncharted Louisiana Territory for $15 million — roughly 4 cents an acre.  In a single stroke, America became a thrilling, noisy eruption of sound.",0,6735268.column


Pats Sylvest, "Highway 90" from Randy Rome Walsh on Vimeo.

Patrick Sylvest dot com!


James Linden Hogg is the WWI Museum national History Day finalist and reigning state champion in the performance category.  






Yoo hoo . . . its us again . . .

The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz "Not 'Yer Daddy's Bluegrass . . ."







I am playing jazz guitar/vocals of pop standards and contemporary tunes at Piccadilly on Government at North Acadian Thruway on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4:30 to 7:15 or so.  It is so exciting for me to have this opportunity, and I would love it if y'all would help me spread the word to people who love the music of the early to mid-1900s!  This is a unique opportunity for senior citizens who grew up with these tunes, to get to enjoy hearing them again live.

Dorothy C. LeBlanc



Hi there,

I host a local BG / folk/gospel radio show that airs on several country stations on Sunday morning. If you have a recent recording that would reflect this format, please send along.  I would be glad to air.  Please let me know what song that you are trying to push.

I do this only as a labor of love for this kind of music and to promote local artist.

Thanks and tell your Mamma you love her.




Patrick Sylvest, "Collard Greens" from Randy Rome Walsh on Vimeo.

Patrick Sylvest dot com! Purchase CD's Here!


Les Kerr, Old Lighthouse


Robert Calmes/Drifthouse - Kennesaw Line


Here's a great article on Clay Parker.

Patrick Sylvest


Baton Rouge's own...Smithfield Fair: The Scent of Pencil Shavings

Trouvère: Carl Kleinpeter ~ Lawrence King ~ Gary Ragan



My name is Rebecca Sharky. I am the GM of Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA.   I'd like for Cafe Des Amis to be considered as an alternative non-smoking venue to your folk friends. If you have any suggestions, please email me.

Thank you!

Cafe Des Amis <


"I have been affected by secondhand smoke.  I remember one night I was playing in a club and I went to hit a high note and I almost blacked out on stage.  I had to hold the microphone to keep from falling down. There was so much smoke in the place that it had a negative impact on my singing."
--Deacon John

Music selections from  audio collections at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's  Southern Folklife Collection are now being streamed online. Visitors can  tune in to channels that feature music in five genres: old-time music;  country and bluegrass; folk revival; rhythm, blues, and boogie; and the  eclectic “SFC Mix.” The purpose of our radio stream is to make our holdings  available for educational use.

To listen  visit:






When the song of the angel is stilled,
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the kings and princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins:
   To find the lost,
   To heal the broken,
   To feed the hungry,
   To release the prisoner,
   To rebuild the nations,
   To bring peace among brothers,
   To make music in the heart.



This website is updated Saturdays, before the Hootenanny Power radio show at 9 pm on WRKF.  Please don't wait until Monday or Tuesday after the radio show to send me info on a performance that coming Friday.  It definitely won't make the show, and probably won't make the website.  tlcaffery at yahoo dot com



Clarence's Cajun/Zydeco show is on WBRH, 90.3 fm, Saturdays 7-8 pm, and area Cajun and Zydeco radio info are always found at , Cajun music jams at, and don't forget the  Baton Rouge Blues Society and all its events and listings, at


Click here for the playlist from the most recent Hootenanny Power on WRKF
Click here for other recent playlists. (Sometimes, when the web host is down with overnight planned maintenance, this second link will have the latest playlist first!)

Latino music, art and cultural events are listed at, described as "A loose Spanglish acronym for 'La. T n.o.' - Lah-TEE-noh, the Louisiana (La.) and New Orleans (n.o.) connection."

For fun, traditional country music, check out the Old South Jamboree, Walker LA.  (I wish they had a website!)

For this week's Hootenanny Power show, thanks to  Caffery Gallery

Write me via e-mail if your upcoming folk music, blues, celtic, world, cajun, or similar event should be here. WRKF's signal covers much of South Central Louisiana, so I'd like to include as much info as I can about events listeners might want to know about throughout the state.
--Taylor Caffery, WRKF


Remember, The Neutral Ground Coffee House in New Orleans  is Louisiana's oldest regular folk venue.  There's ALWAYS somebody worth hearing on their schedule, year 'round (an assertion supported by NPR's interview with owner Philip Melancon on Saturday, Aug 2, 2003's Weekend Edition, with Philip playing Roy Rogers songs on accordion!)  If you'll be in the Nawlins area, be sure to check the Neutral Ground calendar at  (Since Katrina, the website has not shown a current schedule, but it has a guestbook for artists and customers to check in)



Rob Payer Rhythm Review WBRH 90.3 FM   Saturday / 7am-1pm
Tabby Thomas Tabby's Blues Box on WBRH 90.3 FM  Saturday / 1pm-2pm
Weekly Guest host Blues Buffet WBRH 90.3 FM Saturday / 2pm-3pm
Pat McBride, Louisiana Gumbo on WBRH 90.3  Saturday / 3pm-4pm
S.J. Montalbano, Roots of Rock & Roll on WBRH 90.3   Saturday / 4pm-7pm
Zia Tammami, Spontaneous Combustion & Cat's Corner  Sunday  KLSU 91.1  10am-2pm 
      WBRH 90.3  3pm-7pm
Noel Jackson, The Southern Soul Show on KBRH 1260 AM  / Sunday 11am-noon
Clarence Moritz Jr., Cajun and Zydeco Radio Show, KBRH 1260 AM / Sunday noon - 2 pm



People do express that sentiment to me oftimes, but the station schedule is guided by all sorts of important considerations, and I'm happy to continue to have the opportunity to bring this alternative music to our area and support the touring performers in whatever way possible. Now, my friend Rich Warren in Chicago on WFMT hosts a show called The Midnight Special, which has been around since the 1950s, when the host was Mike Nichols. Rich loves the late-night hours for folk music, but he knows some folks can't listen to the radio at that time (asleep? out partying?), so he has detailed instructions for taping his show, which can be done on a video recorder (vcr). Recognizing that his station's FM frequency is different, and you'd want to tune to 89.3, here's a link to Rich Warren's "manual" for taping a two-hour radio show on your VCR. Thanks, Rich.


Get an iPhone or Android phone.  Download the WRKF app.  When the show starts, hit pause on your app.  Play it later.

Thomas Mann Techno-Romantic jewelry at Caffery Gallery
Thomas Mann Design Techno-Romantic Jewelry, at Caffery Gallery, 4016 Government Street at Richland 388-9397
Your basic collector's item: The General Store Hootenanny Power t-shirt


Mary Ann Caffery will be exhibiting new photographs along with artists Amy James and Brian Kelly at Baton Rouge Gallery beginning August 4 and running through August 30.  The public is invited to a reception for the artists on Wednesday, August 7 from 7 to 9 pm at Baton Rouge Gallery.

Mary Ann Caffery's photographic series titled Vignettes:  Out of the Darkness….Into the Light, is a series of photographs taken around the LSU lakes.

In November I began observing the migrating birds arriving at the LSU lakes here in Baton Rouge, as I have for many years.  Some years I document what I see in photographs and short videos, some years I just watch them.  This year I also took photo trips to the Lafayette, Jefferson Island, and Avery Island area to see the rookeries, as well as going on an annual group photographic expedition to the south Louisiana coast to document areas that are disappearing.

This series of photographs Vignettes:  Out of the Darkness…Into the Light is based on what I observed here in Baton Rouge on mornings when I was on  walks around the LSU lakes as I had often done in the winter months, primarily to watch the pelicans in their strange feeding rituals.  I kept stumbling onto this subplot of egrets in what I observed to be a surreal setting in that it looked like an ancient, choreographed stage production in which the birds were the actors, entering stage left, exiting stage right.  They emerged from the fog and from the darkness, then disappeared back into nowhere, as choruses of birds chanted on the sides.  There was an element of mystery in what I saw.  The scenes were so unusual that they looked like paintings when I looked at the photographs I had taken.

My goal in this series is to convey an atmosphere in my photographs that is mysterious and veiled or that portrays time standing still.   Photographs portray a moment in time, and in this case they emphasize that heavy, veiled, mysterious atmosphere of an early morning.  Some of the photographs in this series are about coming out of the darkness, some are about emerging into the light.  These photographs were taken with my point and shoot camera rather than my more modern DSLR camera.  I am not sure I could have captured that feel of old black and white movies and photographs, which I think makes these photographs convey what I want to convey, with the newer camera.

I work in a variety of mediums, the common thread running through all of my work being light—whether it be my work in glass, mosaic, paint, or photography.  When I was a student at LSU I took photography classes, and I have steadily photographed over the years.  I initially took photographs to use as inspirations for my paintings and glass work, but in this instance photographs best portrayed the stage drama of the family Egretta and their ancient rituals.